About DD3 Capital Partners

DD3 Capital Partners is a Mexico City based company founded in 2016 by a group of financial professionals with a wide range of expertise in the Financial and Real Estate sectors in Mexico.

DD3 is committed to provide its diversified client base with expert financial advisory services and financing products.

DD3 Capital Partners’ leading services rely completely on its people; that is why the firm invests heavily on its employee’s careers and focuses on providing the fundamentals for long term professional achievements. Its horizontal team structure facilitates knowledge transfer which, through project supervision results in both individual and collective growth.

DD3's hybrid company structure allows it to freely rotate through the financial advisory and asset management industries in order to provide the highest quality services its clients require. Through efficiency, simplicity and skillfulness, DD3 provides services that outfox those of the competition.

Values and Strenghts

Our Journey

  1. DD3 Capital Partners is founded by Martin Werner and Jorge Combe after leaving Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division

  2. DD3 Capital Partners’ Mezzanine Residential Lending Fund initiates operations

  3. DD3 Capital Partners’ 1st Lien Motgage Loans Fund initiates operations

  4. Chilean companies LarrainVial and Grupo Patio acquire a 20% stake in DD3 Capital Partners

  5. DD3 Capital Partners acts as sell side advisor of XO de Chihuahua, a Mexican company that distributes and commercializes meat products, to Xignux, a Mexican holding company with subsidiaries in the food, metallurgical, and construction industries

  6. DD3 Capital Partners acts as buy side advisor of Algeciras, a Chilean investment conglomerate, in its acquisition of a stake in Atton Hotels, a Chilean hotel chain with presence in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and the USA

  7. DD3 Capital Partners acts as buy side advisor of Grupo Patio, a Chilean Real Estate company, in its acquisition of a comercial assets portfolio in Peru from Grupo Centenario

  8. Incorporation of our SPAC, DD3 Acquisition Corp.

  9. Completion of DD3 Acquisition Corp.’s IPO of US$55.7 million in the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol DDMX

  10. DD3 Capital Partners reached a US$150 million investment agreement with Selina, a hospitality platform focused on young travelers

  11. DD3 Capital Partners acts as financial advisor of Patio Comercial, a Chilean subsidiary of Grupo Patio with more than 76 shopping centers, in its public bond issuance

  12. DD3 Capital Partners acts as financing advisor of Elix Desarrollo, a Mexican real estate development company focused in the residential, office, and commercial spaces, in its US$35mm debt raising process

  13. DD3 Acquisition Corp. announces that it has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Betterware de Mexico at a US$367 million valuation

  14. DD3 Capital Partners acts as sole financial advisor of ICA, a Mexican infrastructure company, in the sale process of an infrastructure assets’ portfolio

  15. DD3 Capital Partners acts as structuring agent of GICSA, a leading Mexican company in the development, investment, commercialization and operation of shopping centers, corporate offices, and industrial warehouses, with fully integrated and internally managed business model, in its Collateralized Debt Issuance for a total of US$715mm

  16. DD3 Capital Partners acts as sell-side advisor of CIRCUS, a leading Mexican data-driven digital marketing company, in its sale to S4 Capital, a digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell